Anoop Majithia

anoop Majitia

Anoop Majithia

Anoop Majithia is the beneficial owner of Hofman Manor 1168 Pendrell Street, Vancouver and the Principal and Director of Plan A Real Estate Services Ltd: 

Anoop Majithia became a Chartered Accountant upon his graduation from the University of Toronto and subsequently completed his Law Degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 2001:

Since that time, he has been a successful entrepreneur and avid investor in the downtown Vancouver condo real estate market.

Anoop Majithia’s entrepreneurial success was featured in Specialty Retail Magazine

He commenced his real estate investing activities by purchasing condo units in downtown Vancouver and managing these properties through his company: Komfort Properties.

Anoop Majithia

is a qualified Managing Broker with the BC Real Estate Association. Plan A Real Estate Services Ltd. is the culmination of his wealth of educational and personal experience, and his passion for real estate.

Anoop Majithia is also the Managing Broker of MD Real Estate Services Ltd.

Anoop Majithia is actively involved in community activities and recently raised $3015 for the 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer.

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