Development Plans

Plan A has been exploring the rehabilitation and development of Hofman Manor.

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It is now our pleasure to announce that the City of Vancouver has approved our development proposal. Plan A has been given the green light to reconfigure floor plans and add additional bedrooms to many of the units. The proposed development will help alleviate the growing pressure of housing shortages in Vancouver’s West End. With housing prices souring and occupancy rates hovering around 0.5% should be souring, many are struggling to find suitable accommodation. Once the development is complete, Plan A will be able to house more of Vancouver’s frustrated residents.

 In addition to enjoying brand new suites, tenants will benefit from a number of new features including:

 In-suite Laundry – All of the new suites will be equipped with washers and dryers. Tenants will have the luxury of doing all their laundry in suite at no extra cost

 Renovated Kitchens – Tenants will be able to enjoy the benefits of a newly fitted modern kitchen

 Improved Landscaping – We want to preserve the beauty of one of Vancouver’s most prized neighbourhoods. The newly developed building will be adorned with an array of plant life.

 Dilapidated housing in the West End is sadly prevalent and so we are proud to be investing in one of Vancouver’s most important areas. The well being of residents is at the core of Plan A’s values and so we are delighted to be a part of a positive solution.

 The proposed development has understandably sparked frustration amongst Hofman Manor’s current tenants. With construction on the horizon, many of our tenants have voiced concerns surrounding their accommodation.

 In an attempt to alleviate concern, Plan A has been working tirelessly with COV to reach an agreement that aids tenants during this period of uncertainty. After months of hard work, we are happy to announce the launch of the Tenant Relocation Plan. This solution has been devised to ensure the transition of tenants out of the building is as smooth and burden free as possible.

 Key features include:

  •  Up to 3 months rent compensation
  • The provision of moving services
  • First right of refusal for tenants who wish to return to the unit post construction
  • A 20% discount on the rent for those who chose to return to the unit post construction
  • Assistance finding alternative accommodation within budget

 Plan A is committed to a harmonious tenant-landlord relationship. If you have any questions or concerns surrounding the proposed development, please feel free to reach us at