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Recruiting the right people with the right expertise and experience is at the core of Plan A’s management strategy. Our team is assembled with professionals who bring over 20 years of real estate experience to the table. Whether its landscaping, interior design, finding tenants or making general repairs, Plan A is committed to providing high quality living standards at Hofmann Manor.

Karen Ho, Senior Property Manager

Karen graduated from UBC with a BSC and has been working at Plan A since 2007. She holds licenses from the Real Estate Council of British Columbia in both property management and real estate trading. She currently has property management authority over Plan A’s entire real estate portfolio. She is passionate about real estate and has played a critical role in Plan A’s growth and success.

Edward Saymo, Building Manager

We are delighted to announce Edward Samyo as the new building manager of Hofmann Manor. Edward brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team along with great passion and enthusiasm for the role.

Chris Tucker, Project Manager

Chris attained his BA in Marketing while residing in Scotland, his home country. Upon moving to Vancouver in 2011, he joined one of North America’s premier real estate investment companies: The England Group. In this role he assisted with managing over 4300 limited partners before the company’s portfolio was sold for $410 million. Chris joined Plan A in 2015 to help Anoop with the operation of his real estate portfolio.

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