Anoop Majithia responds to the Westender

Plan A Real Estate would like to address the comments made by Mr Chandra Herbert in the West Ender. We are disappointed that someone in his position would try to fan the flames of hate and ask that he tries to look the situation more objectively in future. If he addressed the negative effect below average rents has on West End living, we would be able to see the full picture.  Many West End buildings require serious renovation and upgrades which can cost millions of dollars. We fully understand the initial shock when facing the prospect of a 20% rent increase. However, such an increase isn’t that shocking when some of the tenants at 1168 Pendrell St are currently paying $500 p/m below the market average. When put into perspective, you can see that this isn’t simply about greed, rather a wish to receive what Plan A believes to be a fair price.

So what is the consequence of below average rents? The answer is simple: dilapidated housing and an overall lower standard of living for West End residents. Plan A can not invest in its property and the well-being of its tenants when rental income barely covers the operational cost of a building. Plan A empathizes with the tenants of 1168 Pendrell and fully understands their frustration and concern. We don’t want to create a negative living experience for any of our tenants. We simply want to ensure that we receive the required financial compensation to provide the standard of living Vancouver residents deserve.

Plan A has been working tirelessly with the City of Vancouver and are delighted to now be a part of a solution that aids both parties. The Tenant Relocation Plan will assist the original tenants of 1168 Pendrell with finding accommodation that matches their criteria. Plan A will provide accommodation options within 10% of the tenant’s current rental price in addition to a relocation fee.

Plan A is committed to providing high quality housing for the residents of Vancouver and will always strive to achieve a harmonious tenant-landlord relationship. As long as tenants fulfill their contractual obligations, we are happy to let them live their lives in peace.


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